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School Bus Hit By Distracted Driver, Injuries Reported

A crash involving a school bus has been attributed to distracted driving.

The accident happened in North Carolina, but drivers everywhere should keep in mind that this type of crash must be avoided at all costs.

The crash involved a 54-year-old driver behind the wheel of a Hyundai SUV. The motorist reportedly hit the school bus on a local road just before 8 am. The school bus had its red lights on and it was stopped at the time of the crash. The Hyundai driver reportedly rear-ended the school bus due to distraction.

While no details concerning this crash were readily available, local authorities reported that injries were not life-threatening. There were only two occupants in the bus at the time of the crash, the driver and one student.

Drivers everywhere should keep in mind that distracted driving makes you more likely to be involved in a crash. Mostly because distractions keep your attention from the road and what is going on around you. When you’re not aware of what’s going on ahead, you have less time to react. The delayed response makes crashes more likely to occur.

If you’re a parent and your child is learning or about to learn how to drive, make sure you teach your children about the risks associated with distractions. Avoid using a phone while behind the wheel as well.

Studies show that teens with parents who drive while distracted are more likely to do the same. Leading by example should be part of your child’s driving education.

Keep in mind that the use of both handheld and hands-free devices can lead to distraction. Hands-free systems often cause drivers to experience cognitive distractions, which causes them to ignore pedestrians or fail to see other vehicles. Unfortunately, many states prohibit the use of handheld devices while behind the wheel while putting no restrictions on hands-free technologies.

To many auto safety experts like researchers at AAA, that’s a mistake.

Until lawmakers are able to address the concerns, stay focused on the road by putting your phone down or turning it off the moment you sit behind the wheel of your vehicle. For more information on the school bus accident involving a distracted driver, follow this link.

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