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School Bus Crashes With Truck, Child Injured

Unfortunately, we have been hearing about too many auto and truck crashes in Washington. Just yesterday, we reported on a crash involving a truck driver from Seattle. Today, we learned of yet another accident and decided to also report on it.

Yet another terribly tragic crash has just occurred in Washington. Unfortunately, this accident resulted in injuries and it involved a school bus.

We decided to report on this so that others will learn from this accident. We hope that once they are made aware of this collision, they start making better decisions by learning from other people’s mistakes so they may avoid similar crashes.

According to the reports on this crash, the school bus driver appears to have failed to yield, pulling out in front of a semi-truck. As a result, both large vehicles crashed. At least one of the 25 elementary school students occupying the bus was injured. The driver was also injured, but while the child sustained minor injuries, the driver suffered serious but non life-threatening wounds.

Some of the children who had very minor injuries were treated at a local parking lot where the school staff stayed with the children waiting for their parents to arrive.

The truck driver wasn’t injured.

While we’re glad that nobody was severely or fatally injured, we hope that authorities are able to provide more details so drivers may learn more to avoid crashes.

Stay alert and focused on the road ahead and on the other vehicles sharing the road with you. Be an attentive and respectful driver and remember that it’s not because you’re driving alone that you’re not putting others in danger if you’re being reckless.

Drivers must be aware that they have a responsibility to drive safely while behind the wheel by following the rules and staying focused.

We hope that the driver and child injured in this accident experience a swift recovery and that other crashes are avoided.

You may click here if you would like to learn more about this accident. Stay alert and focused on the road ahead at all times.

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