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Samsung Develops Anti-Distracted Driving App

Samsung has announced a new technology that could help put an end to distracted driving accidents. We decided to cover this story because we believe that any effort to bring an end to an activity that has actually been causing more accidents is a good idea.

As personal injury attorneys, we see all too many preventable crashes happening regularly because of all types of distraction. But one that has been increasing dramatically in the last few years is associated with phone use.

According to a series of reports, Samsung has come up with a new all that will keep the user safe while he or she is sitting behind the wheel of their car.

With In-Traffic Reply, the user will be able to remain focused on the road as the system’s sensors detect whenever the user is in a vehicle. Then, it will automatically send a response to calls and texts so that you don’t have to.

The user may, beforehand, choose the message that will be sent out while the app does all the hard work. The user may pick from a default message that alerts the caller or the person sending a text that they are driving so they may not answer at the moment, or they may choose a fun, animated response. They may also have a custom reply delivered to callers as well.

While this is one solution that will only help Samsung users, other companies have also added similar apps or features to their own portfolio, helping phone users everywhere to cut on distracted driving.

If more companies join the fight, we could be looking at a distracted driving-free future in no time.

For more on this story and how the app works, follow this link.

Until apps like this aren’t widely available, drivers should keep in mind that they have the power to put an end to distracted driving themselves by simply acting accordingly and never using their phones while behind the wheel. Remember that your life and other people’s lives are more important than that call.

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