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Same Car Technology, Different Decades: How Safety Systems Can Save Your Life

Car technology can save, but it also has the power to kill. It all depends on what stage the technology was at the time the vehicle was built.

A test conducted by the Australiasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) shows just how some technologies may function differently in different cars depending on the different stage they were in at the time.

The crash recorded by ANCAP shows how devastating the accident can be to a vehicle that is outdated.

In the footage, a 1998 Toyota Corolla and a 2015 Corolla collide head on. The newer vehicle comes with front and side air bags that absorb the impact considerably well, helping the driver to remain safe. The vehicle’s crumple zones are also seen collapsing strategically so that the vehicle can take as much of the force out of the collision as possible, making the car less likely to “crunch” the driver or other occupants due to the impact.

As the newer cars are designed to absorb more impact, newer vehicles are less likely to flatten like a sponge, unlike the older cars like the one used in this demonstration.

To car owners all across the globe (and Washington too), knowing about the importance of the newer technologies and how they can help drivers and occupants in general to be safer is essential. Unfortunately, not all consumers do their homework before looking for a new car.

As you watch this video to learn more, you will realize just how little you knew about car safey, but you will also realize just how much car technology has changed in such a short period of time.

Hopefully, more car makers will look at this as a positive development and will begin to develop even better technology that can virtually ensure that drivers will experience no injuries.

For more on the technologies displayed in this video, follow this link.

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