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These Safety Tips Will Help You Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here. And the first thing you will hear from law enforcement is to stay safe. After all, their job is to protect you.

Across Washington state, officials will be on the lookout for drivers not wearing their seat belts. They are also going to make sure erratic and intoxicated drivers are cited and arrested if needed. But there are other risks lurking during the three-day weekend. And according to officials, it’s easy to prevent accidents if we follow some basic safety tips.

If Near The Water, Avoid Drowning Accidents

Children and water, sometimes, don’t mix. That’s why putting life jackets on children while near lakes can save lives.

If you and your loved ones will spend some quality time hanging by the pool, do not leave children unattended near the water.

Officials also urge anyone, young or old, to avoid entering the water if it’s too cold. Shock from cold water can stun even the most dedicated swimmers.

When Driving This Weekend, Be Alert To DUI Drivers

Law enforcement are also concerned about distracted and drunk drivers out this weekend. Because many people will be going out to celebrate, they will also be drinking.

If you’re not going to spend time with family but plan on partying, do not drink and drive. Instead, use ride-sharing apps to get home safe. If you’re not comfortable with that, take a taxi or public transportation. However you choose to get home, do not get behind the wheel intoxicated.

If you see a DUI driver, contact officials as soon as possible. Do not allow reckless behavior to put lives in danger.

Officials everywhere say that a record number of people hit the road during Memorial Day weekend. With more cars on the road, accidents are more likely to happen. So beware of the risks and stay safe.

For more safety tips, follow this link.

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