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Safety Experts: Avoid Fires Tied to Slow Cooker Use

Food safety is extremely important, especially in this difficult time when so many companies are struggling to avoid food poisoning cases. As consumers understand the importance of avoiding cross-contamination and applying important sanitary practices to avoid health-related issues tied to food cooked at home, they often ignore other important safety steps that are not necessarily tied to food contamination avoidance.

As individuals become more used to the idea of using slow cookers and crockpots to cook at home, they often neglect some important safety tips.

In order to avoid domestic incidents involving certain slow cookers and crockpots that could lead to fires, consumers should pay attention to some important safety tips.
According to experts, consumers are using more crockpots and slow cookers than ever before.

But while slow cookers are generally safe, at least 150 reported home structure fires happened each year in America between 2007 and 2011. This adds up to an average of 10 civilian injuries and about $2 million in direct property damage also per year. This places slow cooker accidents as one of the most common types of household incidents. Other appliances that expose consumers to as many risks as slow cookers are smaller units such as coffee makers, kettles, tea pots, food warmers, and even hotplates.

In order to avoid accidents that could result in fires, consumers should keep their crockpots and slow cookers away from the edge of the counter. But that’s not all.
According to fire safety experts, plugs and cords should always be inspected. Checking if these cords are frayed or broken may help you to avoid potential risks in the future. Damaged cords or plugs may increase the risk of a fire.

Safety experts also urge consumers to use their crockpots and slow cookers correctly to avoid incidents, that’s why they should always read the instructions that come with the devices. Also, use the right amount of liquid when following a recipe. Using the incorrect amount of water to have food items heated in these devices may cause them to overheat, and a fire may ensue.
In order to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe, make sure to follow these tips and other safety practices.

For more details on what fire safety say about the importance of avoiding crockpot and slow cooker fires, click on  this link.

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