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Safety Advocates: These Technologies Are Fighting Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is such a problem that companies across the country—and the globe—have been developing their own solutions with the necessities of consumers in mind. As a result, these companies are giving drivers many reasons to quit distractions while driving for good.

Currently, the act of driving while distracted is one of the biggest causes of auto crashes across the globe. Instead of seeing a drop in this trend, many safety advocates believe that distracted driving continues to grow in popularity. Some of the most common distractions behind the wheel include the use of cellphones to talk or text or reaching out for food or drinks.
According to a recent report, there are at least three major systems that could help distracted drivers to finally put an end to the trend in their own lives.

One of the technologies praised by researchers is the MessageLOUD, which is a phone app fitted with a text-to-voice feature, allowing drivers to have access to messages and emails without having them touch or look at the phone. With this technology, some safety advocates say, drivers are less likely to handle their phones and keep their eyes off the road while driving. RoadReady is also another technology that helps drivers to avoid crashes. According to safety advocates, the app helps teens to learn better driving skills. The app works by tracking supervised driving time and giving the driver the opportunity to set up driving goals while learning how to embrace safe driving habits.

Another technology that may be helping drivers to avoid crashes tied to distracted driving is the Disposable Drink Tray.

According to safety experts, the tray solution helps drivers to avoid distractions associated with beverage handling while behind the wheel. The device was designed to incorporate a seat belt slit, which keeps the tray secured to the seat so the driver is able to focus on driving instead of being concerned about the device staying put.

Whether you’re usually more distracted by your phone or your drink, one of these technologies could help you to avoid accidents simply by making your life easier.

But until you’re able to use one of these apps and technologies, you have to continue being a safe driver in order to avoid distracted driving crashes. Instead of allowing distractions to take over, make sure your phone is out of reach while you’re behind the wheel. When in doubt, put safety first and leave any other activity for after you’ve reached your destination.

For more on the safety technologies and apps that could help you to avoid crashes, follow this link.

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