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Runners And Pedestrians: Follow These Tips And Avoid Accidents

Personal injury attorneys don’t talk about pedestrian and runner safety enough. Perhaps, because auto safety is often a top priority in the field. But the reality is that pedestrians and runners are much more vulnerable.

While running or simply crossing the street, people both on foot and behind the wheel must keep in mind that pedestrians don’t have a heavy carcass protecting them. So when exposed to impact, the risk of injury is much greater.

In order to help our readers who happen to walk or run a lot, we put together these safety tips to help you avoid accidents.

Never Forget To Look Both Ways

May sound unimportant to mention this, but looking both ways is one of the safety rules that runners and pedestrians are most likely to forget. That’s because runners are worried about their run, and pedestrians may allow the scenery to distract them.

No matter where you are, even if walking or running by a seemingly desert road, look both ways before attempting to cross.

Stay Visible, Avoid Crashes

Whether you run at night or not, wearing bright-colored clothing and reflective materials can help to increase your visibility. Pedestrians should also carry something that helps them to stand out so that drivers can spot them such as a flashlight.

Many accidents involving pedestrians happen because drivers claim they couldn’t see them before the collision. For that reason, being visible is more than important: It can save your life.

Runners And Pedestrians Are Vulnerable To Distractions, Too

Listening to music through headphones or looking at your phone are all distractions. When walking, keeping an eye on the sidewalk ahead and your surroundings is the best way to avoid accidents. Especially nowadays, when so many electric and hybrid cars make little to no noise.

Since distracted walking is a serious problem, both pedestrians and runners should be aware of the risks of giving in to distractions.

For more safety tips, follow this link.

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