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Rider, Passenger Injured In Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen all too often. As a result, riders are injured, often seriously. As motorcycle accident attorneys, we see these accidents all too often. And it’s because we see too many of them that we often talk about them, in the hopes that riders won’t make the same mistakes.

An accident involving a man from Sunnyside unfortunately put him in a Seattle area hospital.

The motorcycle accident happened when the rider, who’s 49-years-old, was unable to negotiate a curve. He was riding Monday night on the 1500 block of Alderdale Road when he tried to make a turn. For unknown reasons, the rider allowed the motorcycle to veer off the road as a result and crashed. He was carrying a passenger who was also injured.

While officials don’t know exactly what happened in this case, we hope that the reasons for this motorcycle accident to have happened are unveiled in the near future simply because riders should know what they must avoid to prevent being involved in similar accidents.

As you may know, speeding may cause similar accidents.

When a driver or a rider go at high rates of speed, he or she ends up losing control over their vehicles. As a result, they end up sliding or veering off the road, becoming more likely to be involved in accidents.

We are glad that both the motorcycle rider and his passenger are receiving the treatment they deserve, we also urge authorities to do all in their power to identify the causes behind this accident. We would like to share the report with our readers so they too know what kind of behaviors they should be avoiding.

For more information on other motorcycle and auto accidents, recalls, and everything that could put your life or the lives of your loved ones in danger, follow our blog. For more details on this story, follow this link.

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