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Rider Hopes Lawsuit Will Force Ban on Distracted Driving

A driver in Texas is suing a driver after a distracted driving crash. According to a series of reports, the rider hopes the case will force a legislation change that would impact drivers statewide.

The report shows that the driver was distracted by his cell phone while behind the wheel when the crash occurred. While the act of using a phone while behind the wheel was not illegal where the crash occurred, the rider was injured.

After the collision, the rider and his wife made it their mission to put an end to distracted driving in the state of Texas. Now, the rider is taking the driver to court. According to the bicycle rider involved in the accident, he requires financial compensation after the driver “broke his back.”

To the rider and his wife, the fact that it took a law for people across the country to wear seat belts should be explored by safety advocates wanting to put an end to distracted driving. As most states join the fight against distracted driving by passing bans and more stringent rules, Texas is still one of the states that doesn’t have any laws that tackle the issue.

To cyclists and bicycle safety advocates, the fight against distracted driving includes urging drivers to leave their vehicles at home more often. With a lower number of drivers out and about, the risks associated with distracted driving should be lower.

While many safety advocates continue to urge lawmakers to act, distracted driving bans have been rejected repeatedly by state legislators. Several cities, however, have been passing their own ordinances, making it illegal for drivers to use handheld devices while behind the wheel. These ordinances are often effective locally, but when states don’t have clear laws concerning distracted driving, many drivers going from one city to the next may not be compelled to avoid distractions.

If you’re a driver, keep in mind that distracted driving is a problem, but not because it’s illegal. Distracted driving is risky and it leads to deadly crashes.

If drivers are serious about safety, they will not ignore the potential risks associated with the practice.

Avoid accidents whether you’re driving in Texas or in Washington by putting the phone down the minute you sit behind the wheel. Don’t eat or drink while driving and avoid having engaging conversations while driving so your attention won’t be split between the road and your passengers.

Stay alert and keep your loved ones safe.

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