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Ride Safely This Thanksgiving With These Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is the time of the year to get together with family and friends and be thankful for those we love. Unfortunately, some of us will forget that with the holiday comes traveling, and with traveling comes serious risks.

With some 43.4 million motorists hitting the highways this Thanksgiving weekend, drivers must maintain a safety-first mindset while on their holiday journeys.

To help you arrive at your Thanksgiving destination safe and sound, it is important to follow these safety tips:

Plan Ahead

Learning more about the weather, the route you’re taking, and the time it takes for you to arrive ahead of your travel can help to prevent accidents. Considering that a great number of drivers will be hitting the road around the same time, expect delays and leave early so you don’t feel pressured to rushed.

Get Your Car Ready

Whether you’re going near or far, make sure your vehicle is ready. That includes checking your wipers and fluids, servicing your radiator and cooling system, checking your tire pressure and changing the oil if needed, and keeping up with basic maintenance needs. By following these steps you will avoid many of the issues that strand motorists on the side of the road.

Drive Responsibly

While we should always be driving safely, it is key to avoid taking part in risky behavior while behind the wheel during this holiday season. Most importantly, drivers should consider that when so many people are hitting the roads at the same time, some drivers might not be as careful as others.

Avoid cutting in front of larger vehicles such as trucks to prevent accidents, never talk or text on your phone while behind the wheel, beware of other vehicles’ blind spots, do not follow close behind, and slow down.

Whatever you do, keep your eyes on the road, follow traffic laws, and never engage in reckless behavior while driving. Your life and the lives of others depend on it.

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