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Richland Man Injured In Accident Reportedly Linked To Speed

A man from Richland is now under care in a Spokane hospital after his vehicle was involved in a serious accident in Finley.

The Wednesday accident happened when the man, who’s 38-years-old, was driving a Nissan Maxima in the northbound lanes of Highway 397. At around 9:30 p.m., the driver attempted to pass a slower vehicle ahead, and ended up losing control.

The accident happened just south of Bowles Road, reports indicate.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the driver’s vehicle landed on the southbound shoulder of the road.

Because the driver did not have his seat belt buckled up, he appears to have been injured.

Officials said that speed was to blame in the crash but did not elaborate.

While we are not sure exactly how fast the driver was going, we know of many similar accidents involving drivers who are traveling too fast for the road conditions.

We have helped countless victims of similar accidents and we know just how potentially dangerous it is for drivers to just assume they can speed. Especially when the weather isn’t helping.

We have also seen countless accidents resulting in injuries precisely because occupants failed to buckle up.

Safety features matter precisely because they save lives. That’s one of the reasons why drivers and passengers should never ignore the seat belts. Unfortunately, many will ignore this, breaking the law and putting themselves in danger.

We report and share these stories precisely because we care about our clients, our readers, and our fellow Washingtonians. We want to help raise awareness so that fewer preventable accidents happen daily across the state.

If you’re a serious driver who puts safety first, you understand this and act accordingly by never ignoring the need for safety belt use.

When purchasing a new car, remember that newer safety features that can actually help you to avoid injuries altogether are always worth it. Still, if you cannot afford luxurious cars fitted with the latest safety technology, continue to do your best by always buckling up.

For more on this accident, follow this link.

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