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Report: Taxis, Uber Cars Plagued By Open Safety Recalls

A report from a local NBC affiliate in Los Angeles shows we should all be worried about open recalls when climbing into a taxi, an Uber, or Lyft.

According to NBC4, a series of vehicles had dangerous open recalls. And what’s most concerning is that drivers were not aware of them.

Out of the 2,300 taxis reporters cross-referenced with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database, 1,100 had open recalls. Many of the issues were serious. They included wiring issues and window power switch problems that could lead to fires. But some of the problems were related to safety features not working properly such as an airbag system that might not deploy.

Some of these vehicles had open recalls that were from six years ago.

When investigating Uber and Lyft vehicles, reporters learned that ride share service providers are also failing to maintain their rides. But according to Uber, drivers are told they must check their cars for safety recalls. Still, few comply. And unfortunately, government regulators cannot force ride sharing drivers to check for open recalls as they are not regulated.

One of the issues reporters noticed was related to lack of awareness. Drivers are just not aware that their vehicles are in danger.

How To Find Out Your Car Has Open Recalls

It’s very simple to avoid accidents related to open safety recalls. And whether you’re a driver or a taxi or Uber user, it’s important to know how to do it.

You may download an app from Carfax on your phone where you can check your vehicle for potential issues. You may also go to the website to check your car’s VIN for open recalls.

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. But when you keep your car up to date on open recalls, you avoid issues that could lead to crashes. Staying on top of these reports is part of being a responsible and safe driver.

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