Report: Medical Errors Affect One in Three Patients

Nearly one in three people who are hospitalized will experience a medical mistake, according to news reports.

According to U.S. researchers, a new tool that measures hospital errors found nearly 10 times more errors than older methods.

“Without doubt, we’ve seen improvements in health care over the past decade, and even pockets of excellence, but overall progress has been agonizingly slow,” said the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs, which published several studies on a special issue on patient safety, to news reports.

“Among the 795 patient records reviewed, voluntary reporting detected four problems, the Agency for Healthcare Research’s quality indicator found 35, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s tool detected 354 events — 10 times more than AHR’s method.”

In the report, medical errors included everything from bedsores to objects left in the body after surgery to life-threatening staph infections, according to news reports.

The report also suggests there may be many errors that go undetected and aren’t reported.

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