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Regulators Recall Kia, Toyota, Land Rover, Mercedes Vehicles Over Accident, Injury Risks

At least 247,000 vehicles are being recalled in the United States over a series of issues that range from taillight failure to faulty airbag systems and loss of brake power. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that the recalls could increase the risk of auto accidents, prompting regulators to urge drivers everywhere, including Washington state, to stay alert.

Brake-Related Risk Of Crash Behind Kia Recall

Regulators announced that Kia is recalling Kia Sportage SUVs from the model years 2022 and 2023 over the presence of brake booster diaphragms that can become misaligned, causing an internal vacuum leak that increases the risk of an accident. Because difficulty braking could expose drivers and their passengers to serious risks, car owners are urged to contact the company to learn more about the recall.

Airbag Issue Prompts Toyota Recall

The NHTSA issued a recall for over 96,000 Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid SUVs from the 2022 and 2023 model years after learning that the vehicles come with instrument panels that were potentially not built with the required perforation. In this case, the front-passenger airbag system can fail in the event of an accident, exposing the driver to personal injury risks.

Passenger Doors Opening Mid-Ride, Taillight Malfunctioning: Land Rover Recalls Thousands

Land Rover’s 2017 through 2020 Range Rovers and Land Rover Discovery vehicles are being recalled after the firm learned about two different problems that might increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

According to regulators, impacted Land Rover Range Rovers come with rear taillight links that may be damaged. If the exterior vehicle lights fail to illuminate while the vehicle is in use, drivers following behind might not be able to slow down or stop their vehicles in time to avoid collisions.

Regulators explained that Land Rover Discoveries have keyless entry problems that can cause the rear passenger doors to open while the vehicle is in motion. This could increase the risk of injuries.

Other vehicle models recalled by the NHTSA include Mercedes-Benz electric sedans that can experience errors with their loss of drive power software, Subaru Ascent SUVs fitted with faulty ball joints, Jayco RVs fitted with solar panels that can come off, Bentley Bentaygas over issues with the seat locking mechanisms, and Chrysler Alfa Romeos over the presence of potentially fractured brake rotors.

As Seattle personal injury attorneys we are familiar with the suffering and damage defective auto equipment can cause in the event of an accident. We hope the automakers behind the several auto recalls mentioned in this article are working tirelessly to ensure their clients are safe. We also urge our readers to keep their contact information updated with their cars’ automakers so that recall notices are not lost in the mail.

You may also keep up with open recalls impacting your vehicle by visiting the NHTSA’s safety recall website.

For more detailed information on these recalls, follow this link.

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