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Recall Over Air Bag-Related Issue Should Not Be Ignored

Many auto recalls launched regularly impact vehicles that are used by a great number of Americans. Unfortunately, some of these recalls are associated with issues that could lead to injuries.

Mitsubishi has just launched a recall that could impact a great deal of Washington drivers who will be traveling across the state during Thanksgiving weekend.

According to a series of news reports, Mitsubishi launched a recall that impacts over 84,000 vehicles after the firm learned that the air bags in the vehicles may expose occupants to injuries.

The issue stems from the safety restraint computer not interpreting road vibrations or other issues such as a flat tire as problems that should trigger the air bag disabling system. In this case, the devices will be disabled and the air bags won’t be triggered in the event of an accident. In this case, injuries will take place, putting occupants in danger.

Impacted vehicles include the Mitsubishi Mirage of the 2014 through 2018 year makes.

The company should be able to reprogram the vehicles’ computers at no cost. While the company is set to start contacting impacted vehicle owners this month, consumers who are concerned about their own safety are free to reach out to the manufacturer to learn more about the recall and how they should proceed to have this issue addressed.

Never ignore a recall that impacts a vehicle you drive regularly. Too often, the issue will expose you to injury and crash hazards, so if you ignore the campaigns, you are more likely to be injured or to injure others.

Have your vehicle fixed immediately when impacted by a recall as an accident caused by equipment failure left unaddressed may expose others to risks too.

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