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Recall Alert: Toyota Cars Could Expose You To Crash, Injuries

All too often, cars are recalled over software and safety issues that may lead to serious if not deadly accidents. These recalls should not be ignored, especially if the issue already led to an accident in the past.

Sometimes, companies launch two recalls impacting the same vehicle model.

According to a series of news reports, Toyota has launched two auto recalls that impacts the company’s Tundra pickup and the Sequoia SUV. The Tundra pickup models impacted include the 2017 year make while the Tundra and Sequoia SUVs impacted are from 2018.

These vehicles may present risks both because of a software glitch and because of loose bolts that could cause the second-row seat to come loose.

At least 9,000 vehicles were impacted by the first recall. Affected units are all 2017 Tundra pickup trucks that come with loose bolts. In the event of an accident passengers sitting in the second-row seat may end up being ejected and injuries will ensue.

The second recall impacts 65,000 Tundras and Sequoias.

The vehicles in question come with software that may experience a glitch. As a result, the glitch may cause the stability control and other systems to be turned off.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles will be contacted and the issues will be fixed in full.

We urge all of our readers and clients who are reading this to do all in their power to have their vehicles repaired if they own one of the recalled vehicles. Because while Toyota has not reported any accidents or injuries associated with these vehicles, the risks are still there.

Responsible car owners should never ignore the potential dangers.

If you would like to read more on these recalls and what you should do to avoid potential dangers, follow this link.

As personal injury lawyers we urge you to never ignore an auto recall. Many crashes happen because of an equipment issue left unaddressed. These cases can lead to serious crashes that will result in injuries.

If you’re ever been the victim of an accident caused by an equipment failure, contact us. If the automaker or another driver has been negligent, you should be entitled to compensation.

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