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Recall Announcement: Chevy Trucks Could Pose Fire Risks

General Motors has decided to launch a recall that impacts over 35,000 vehicles nationwide. The reason why this recall is important is that, unfortunately, these vehicles may pose a serious fire risk.

When a recall tied to equipment failure is launched, many drivers assume that the problem cannot be serious and that fixing can wait. Unfortunately, the reality is very different.

If car owners are not quick in making sure that their vehicles are repaired, they may be involved in accidents that could expose them and several others to injuries. Depending on the injuries, whether the victim is exposed to whiplash, back injury, or another impact-related condition, treatment can take its tow, both physically and financially, and the driver who refused to have the vehicle repaired may be held liable.

The same can go to companies that ignore or forego reporting issues with their equipment because they prefer to put their profits ahead of safety.

In this case, if accidents occur because of their lack of care or attention to equipment problems, then they may be held liable in case of injury and death.

The latest recall coming from General Motors impacts thousands of Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and GMC Sierra 3500 trucks. These vehicles are fitted with dual fuel tanks, but the low fuel level sensor in the front tanks may end up sticking. If that’s the case, then the rear tank could overfill while the vehicle is in use, and it will come in contact with the drivershaft. In no time, this could lead to a hole in the tank and fuel may leak, increasing the risk of a fire.

At dealers, consumers will have their vehicles inspected and the front tanks will be replaced entirely for free.

This issue should not be ignored as it may lead to a serious fiery incident.

As personal injury attorneys we have dealt with countless accidents that resulted in major injuries and that could have been prevented if equipment issues had been addressed in a timely manner. We hope you act promptly if your car has been impacted by this recall.

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