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Rear-View Camera Problem Leads To BMW Recall

BMW recalled all vehicles produced by the German automaker since 2018.

This recall impacts over 250,000 vehicles. And according to the firm, they also include Ross-Royce Cullinan, Phantom, and Toyota Supra vehicles. But most of the cars impacted are BMW models. They include the 330I, 530E, 530I, 540D, 540I, and several others.

The company is recalling these vehicles after learning that the vehicles’ backup camera may experience brightness and contrast issues, making it impossible  for the driver to see the rear-view image. In this case, an accident may happen.

The firm said that the wrong settings don’t go away after the driver turns the car off, making it a risk whenever the driver puts the vehicle in reverse.

Because this problem represents a failure to meet federal safety standards, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is warning drivers to avoid ignoring the risks.

The company reported that at dealers, the staff will update the software to fix the brightness and contrast adjustments.

Regulators learned of this problem before the firm, the NHTSA reported, which manifested itself on a 2019 BMW X4 first. Regulators then contacted BMW in May. After multiple discussions, the NHTSA ruled that the firm failed to comply with federal standards. Regulators did not say if any the firm had learned of any accidents related to the recall.

This isn’t the first recall impacting the new Supra, officials said, but the only one associated with the rear-view camera. Previously, the company recalled the vehicle over a seat belt problem. This is also not the first time the firm recalls the new Cullinan, as the vehicle experienced a brake light-related recall.

Visibility Issues May Lead To Accidents, Don’t Ignore This BMW Recall

BMW’s latest recall impacts a series of vehicles. Unfortunately, the issue involves a lack of visibility that could lead to accidents. While the firm did issue the recall after approached by regulators, it is sad that the firm only recalled the impacted vehicles after being contacted. We hope other automakers work faster the next time, identifying these issues and acting on them fast.

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