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Reality Star’s Dog Accused of Yet Another Attack

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Dog bite incidents continue to put the lives of countless innocent people in major danger. But all too often, people only hear about the risks and the real-life consequences of these occurrences when celebrities or public individuals are involved.

According to a series of news reports, the former stylist to reality stars Kim and Kyle Richards is not the only person suing the Real Housewives. But as her lawsuit heads to court, her claims showing that the pit bull owned by sister Kim attacked her at Kyle’s house seem to ring true to other individuals who have also been the target of Kim’s dog.

The former stylist may claim that the pit bull bit her lower abdomen region and tore off her leggings and underwear, which caused her to sustain lacerations to portions of her flesh, but she’s not the first one to make similar claims.

According to a series of news reports, another victim of the star’s dog is an 81-year-old woman who feels partially responsible for the incident involving the stylist, simply because she believes she didn’t make enough noise about her injuries in the past.

The alleged victim, who is now appealing in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hoping to obtain more attention to her case claims that the reality star’s dog attacked her in 2014 while she was a guest at Richards’ home. In the same year, the dog was also involved in another dog bite case where the victim was Kyle Richards’ own 20-year-old daughter.

At the time, the 81-year-old victim was able to obtain general damages while Kim Richards promised the judge to get rid of her dog. All of this time later, the victim still feels that more should have been done and the dog is still around, allegedly putting more people in danger.

As an attorney who has dealt with countless cases of dog bite incidents, I find it important to highlight that this type of incident is not an isolated case. All too often, victims of dog attacks stay silent, mostly because they are afraid of the potential backlash. But if a dog owner is responsible for your pain and suffering, you should not be left to deal with the consequences of an attack that is not your fault on your own.

The medical bills pile up and absence at work due to the accident may lead to job loss. Victims of dog bite incidents like the ones the reality stars from the Real Housewives TV series are being accused of being responsible for should not be left to fend for themselves. Hopefully, these incidents will help to raise awareness to the problem since so many people will be hearing about this.

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