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Rate Of Dog Attacks Involving Postal Workers Hit All Time High

Dog bite incidents happen more often than you may think. And because of that, pet owners should not ignore the signs that show that dogs may be getting aggressive.

According to recent reports, the number of dog attacks involving U.S. Postal Service workers has increased recently, making it more dangerous for them to do their jobs.

As online retail sales have been booming as of late, so has the number of deliveries. Last year, dog bite incidents involving delivery men and women from the U.S. Postal Service happened 6,755 times, a great increase when compared to the previous year, when only 206 of these incidents happened.

As you can imagine, this represents the largest increase and the highest rate of dog bite incidents involving U.S. postal workers in three decades.

Before that, this high of a number had only been seen in the 1980s. But now that aggressive dogs have been making a comeback, many victims are often injured and left incapacitated.

In the case of postal workers, their job relies on their health. If they are injured while delivering packages and other pieces of mail, they might become incapacitated and might have to have some time off work as a result.

Annually, 4.5 million Americans are bitten in dog attacks. Unfortunately, most of these incidents involve children.

As we all know, even good dogs may have bad days sometimes. As the number of dog attacks has increased so drastically, it’s important for pet owners to avoid incidents by never leaving your dog loose. Secure your dogs in a separate room before opening the door to receive a package, for instance. This will make sure your dog won’t attack a postal worker unexpectedly.

In many cases, postal workers say that pit bulls and smaller dogs are some of the most aggressive breeds.

For more on how postal workers handle dogs and how you should proceed to make sure that your pet is not posing any risk to your delivery worker, follow this link.

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