Rapper French Montana Sued Over Dog Bite Incident At His House

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Rapper French Montana is a dog owner, and he’s in the news precisely because of it.

According to multiple reports, Montana’s pool maintenance man is suing the hip hop artist. The man alleges that the rapper’s German Shepherd bit him.

The court documents claim that the worker was injured after a run-in with the German Shepherd in May 2017. He was reportedly servicing the celebrity’s pool at the time. While he had been working at Montana’s residence for six months, he had never had any issues with the dog. However, on one day, the animal “went off,” viciously attacking the man.

He reportedly suffered serious injuries and had to miss work as a result. Consequently, he lost earnings over this incident.

The worker decided to sue for the injuries and lost earnings.

Even Familiar Dogs Can Attack

Dog bite incidents may happen under any circumstance. Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that familiar and otherwise friendly pets could never attack them. The reality, however, is very different.

While we don’t have all the details on the Montana incident, we have helped several victims of dog bites who went through similar circumstances, as they were attacked and injured by dogs they knew and who were never aggressive toward them.

If you are a pet owner, learning the several signs that the dog is becoming aggressive or defensive can help save lives. Most importantly, taking the steps to train and teach your pet how to behave near people is also important.

If your dog has a hard time adjusting and is not good with other people, especially kids, do not ignore the potential consequences of letting your pet roam freely near visitors or family members.

We hope this incident will help raise awareness to dog bite incidents and how easily they can occur when you least expect.

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