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People Are Dying In Preventable Accidents, Time To Wake Up

All too often, drivers forget that they, too, are vulnerable. As a result, they become the victims in accidents that could have been prevented.

One of the latest crash reports to come from the Washington State Patrol shows that a man from Kennewick was fatally injured in a collision with a semi while traveling on Highway 42.

According to the reports, the driver was trying to pass a semi truck while traveling west on Highway 24. As he drove into oncoming traffic, he slammed onto another semi. Due to the impact, the car was then thrown into the semi he was trying to pass. The horrific accident happened near Vernita Bridge in Saturn. After the passenger vehicle was thrown against the semi, the truck then crashed into a pickup truck that was also traveling west. While the first driver died, none of the other drivers involved in this accident were injured.

Due to the severity of the crash and the many vehicles involved, the road was closed for several hours before officials and emergency crews were able to clear the scene.

After this tragic accident, we hope that the victim’s family is being able to receive the support they require in this time need.

Many Head-On Accidents Can Be Prevented

As a personal injury attorney, I’ve helped countless victims of similar accidents and I know that those to blame for this type of accidents were often distracted, reckless, drunk, or drowsy.

Drivers who are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones should never ignore the risks associated with driving recklessly or falling asleep while behind the wheel.  These factors are often to blame for serious and deadly accidents and drivers do well to remember that if they are paying attention to the road and driving safely by never driving intoxicated or breaking road rules, they will be able to avoid head-on collisions like this.

No matter how slow the vehicle traveling in front of you is, never try to pass it if you cannot see what’s happening ahead.

No matter how experienced you are, accidents will happen if you change lanes without being 100 percent sure that you can do so safely and legally.

For more on this Tri-City accident, follow this link.

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