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Pile-Up Crashes Lead to Injury, Death

It pains us to report on auto crashes and others, especially when injuries are the result of such occurrences.

According to a series of news reports based on Washington State Patrol’s statements, a crash prompted a chain-reaction, resulting in injuries and unfortunately, a death. The crash took place on Interstate 90 on Saturday afternoon. Traffic in the region toward the east was brought to a halt for hours. Driver were stranded through the winter storm.

The crash that ignited the chain reaction happened when a crash involving 10 vehicles blocked the eastbound lanes. Many of the vehicle slid off the road as a result of the crash. A 12-year-old boy involved in the crash hadn’t been wearing a seat belt. Due to the impact, he was thrown from one of the vehicles as it rolled over. The crashes, which spread over a 2-mile section of the road, killed one person while seriously injuring another individual. The related crash involved six cars.

After the collision, the eastbound interstate was blocked to avoid more crashes.

Driving through snow isn’t easy, especially if vehicles are not in good condition. While it’s still early to speculate on what led to the initial crash, we can say with confidence that many crashes occur due to poor weather conditions. Speeding and being distracted may lead to major and even deadly collisions. But driving fast while distracted will make you much more likely to be involved in a collision.

If you have to hit the road during wintertime, check the weather report. Allow yourself more time for your commute and keep in mind that high speeds and icy roads do not mix. Because drivers lose control when driving fast in these conditions, accidents happen.

As we wait on more details on this crash, we urge you to stay alert, making sure to never speed, especially if the road is icy.

You may find more details on the story behind these chain crashes here.

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