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Personal Injury Risk Prompts Mercedes-Benz Recall

Mercedes-Benz recalled several vehicles over a seat belt issue that could increase the risk of personal injury in the event of an accident, the firm told reporters. 

According to the recall announcement, the front left seat belt in the 2020 E450 Coupes were not properly installed, exposing the seat belt to sharp metal components. Over time, this exposure could lead to damage to the webbing, making the seat belt ineffective in restraining the occupant. In the case of a collision, an unsecured occupant will suffer injuries that could even be severe. 

Mercedes-Benz’s recall report added that the seat belt issue only impacts vehicles sold in America.

To Prevent Personal Injury, Car Maker Will Repair Seat Belt For Free

Mercedes-Benz announced that the recalled vehicles will be inspected at dealers for free. If necessary, the front left seat belts will be rerouted to prevent the premature wear of the seat belt’s webbing. 

Car owners should have the repairs performed free of charge

Beginning June 20, 2020, the firm will send recall notices to all impacted car owners. If you own one of the recalled vehicles, you should contact a dealer to schedule a visit as soon as you receive the notice in the mail. 

Do not wait until you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury in an accident to act. As soon as you are alerted of this recall, contact the dealership. Until then, if you’re concerned about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, you may reach out to Mercedes-Benz to ask more details about this recall and how to prevent injuries until the issue can be addressed. 

Drivers who are exposed to risks due to equipment failure should never shy away from requesting extra information from automakers, especially if automakers don’t immediately provide a fix for the issue at hand. 

Thankfully, Mercedes-Benz has not learned of any injuries tied to this recall. 

To stay safe and prevent complications, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

To read more on the recall, follow this link.

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