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Personal Injury Risk Prompts Mercedes-Benz Nationwide Recall

Mercedes-Benz is recalling a series of vehicles over an airbag issue that could increase the risk of personal injury. 

According to the firm, the 2012 C250, C250 Coupe, C300, C350, C350 Coupe, C63 AMG, and C63 AMG Coupe vehicles come with front passenger airbag assemblies tied to a previous recall. 

The replacement passenger airbag system in the recalled cars might not provide proper protection to occupants, the company reported. In order to prevent serious injuries in the event of an accident, the company said, the airbag module must be replaced. 

How Can Impacted Mercedes-Benz Car Owners Prevent Personal Injury?

The manufacturer will send out a mailed in notice to all impacted vehicle owners in late June, the company said. 

In order to avoid personal injury in the event of an accident, Mercedes-Benz car owners should schedule a visit to a dealership to have the defective airbag system replaced as soon as they receive the recall notice. 

The repair should be carried out entirely for free. 

Until then, however, it could take up to three weeks until the manufacturer contacts all impacted car owners. If you own one of the recalled vehicles and you’re worried about your passengers’ safety until the firm reaches out, you should contact the manufacturer directly by calling the Mercedes-Benz customer service at (800) 367-6372. 

Too often, drivers worry that waiting to have their recalled vehicles repaired can expose them and others to injury risks. Sharing their concerns with the manufacturer may help them to avoid injuries until a fix is available. 

If you are a Mercedes-Benz car owner and you own one of the recalled vehicles, you may read more about this recall here

Prevent personal injury accidents by always having your vehicle repaired when a safety recall is issued. Too often, drivers learn about open recalls but fail to act. When it comes to recalls that involve issues that can increase the likelihood of an accident or an injury, ignoring the call to have vehicles fixed could put vehicle occupants in serious danger. 

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