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Pedestrians & Drivers Can Do More To Avoid Deadly Accidents

Many accidents involving pedestrians are entirely preventable. It’s because of this fact that we often urge our readers and clients to avoid potentially deadly accidents by being attentive and responsible drivers and pedestrians.

It’s often believed that pedestrians are never to blame in accidents but the reality is that we can all take a few easy steps to avoid accidents. By taking these steps, we choose to put our safety first. But drivers are mostly responsible for what happens while they are behind the wheel. If both drivers and pedestrians are following road rules, they will be able to stay safe and avoid collisions. But what exactly should both pedestrians and drivers do to avoid crashes?

Pedestrians, like drivers, are often distracted. Safety experts urge them to keep in mind that if they are wearing headphones while crossing the street, they must turn the music or radio off to listen to the traffic.

Before crossing the street, pedestrians should make sure the road is safe. Use crosswalks or try to only cross the road at intersections, where drivers are used to seeing pedestrians.

To avoid accidents involving pedestrians, drivers are also urged to do all in their power to avoid distractions.

When motorists are distracted by their phone or by another electronic, a passenger, a pet, or a child, they will fail to see people crossing the road ahead. By missing important details about what is going on around and before them, drivers put their lives and the lives of others in danger.

Washington drivers and pedestrians should always keep in mind that it’s up to them to help keep roads safe.

Distractions, whether they take over the driver or the pedestrian, will only increase the risk of an accident. And as we all know, pedestrians are highly vulnerable in accidents.

If you’re concerned about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, spread the word and make sure you’re following these safety tips whether you’re crossing the street or driving a car.

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