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Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise, Research Shows

A research published by the Governors Highway Safety Association has indicated that, despite the increased efforts to put an end to pedestrian deaths across states and cities throughout the nation, the number of pedestrian fatalities continues to increase.

To many safety advocates and experts, the increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities is tied to distraction, whether it comes from drivers or pedestrians.

As the economy picks up, more people purchase vehicles and smartphones. With more pedestrians and drivers using smartphones at all times, the number of distracted driving or walking accidents increases, and pedestrian fatality also increases as a result.

According to the results of the research carried out by the GHSA, pedestrian fatalities increased about 10 percent in 2015 when compared to 2014. In 2015, 5,300 pedestrians died, breaking a ten-year record and making the year of 2015 the year with the largest annual percent increase in pedestrian fatalities in the past 30 years.


To the author of the report, this is a concerning piece of news since so many “cities and states are putting a big emphasis on eliminating” pedestrian deaths altogether, and instead, we’re seeing the very opposite happening, and the number of pedestrian deaths continues to rise.

While distracted driving impacts everyone, from drivers to bicyclists and pedestrians, distracted walking is a serious problem among the nation’s young. That’s why Safe Kids Worldwide has launched a PSA that focuses on telling our children, teens, and young adults about the dangers associated with distracted walking.

In the “Moment of Silence” video created by the safety advocacy organization, urges teens to put their phone down when the time comes for them to cross the street.

Looking left and right is not enough, the video shows. Putting your phone down, looking, and making sure you’re alert while crossing the street will help save your life.

Safety advocates want pedestrians to keep in mind that, even if they are walking around using their phone, they should never jeopardize their safety because of a text message or an email. Focusing on the road ahead gives pedestrians an edge, and allows them to avoid being involved in accidents if drivers in oncoming vehicles are distracted by their phones.

If you’re open to spreading the word and helping drivers and pedestrians be safer, watch the video below and share this post with your loved ones.

For more information on the research into pedestrian fatalities, follow this link.

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