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Pedestrian In Critical Condition After Truck Accident

A pedestrian vs. passenger truck accident in Colfax, Washington, has caught our attention because of its nature.

According to a series of news reports, officials are investigating an accident that sent a man to the hospital. The pedestrian, who’s now in critical condition, was struck by a passenger truck in the afternoon on Wednesday.

The Tacoma man was struck when crossing the street as the vehicle turned southbound onto the street. The Dodge Ram involved in the crash was being driven by a 49-year-old, but only the 32-year-old pedestrian is known to have been taken to the hospital.

After the accident, the traffic was rerouted for several hours but thankfully no other accidents were reported.

While it’s still very early for us to know whether the driver was distracted, it’s important to understand that a distracted driving operating a large vehicle such as a Dodge Ram could have similarly exposed a pedestrian to serious injuries.

Both the pedestrian and the driver must work together to avoid these types of accidents.

The driver must be aware of the road and the traffic surrounding him while the person on foot must follow certain steps such as using the crosswalk, never having headphones on, and making sure that they are making eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.

We certainly hope that the pedestrian involved in this accident is able to recover fully from this accident and in a short period of time. We know how much pain and suffering victims of these accidents suffer.

Too often, victims of pedestrian accident suffer injuries that require medical attention and treatment for life. Under certain circumstances, victims also lose wages as they have to stop working to obtain the treatment they require to get better. As personal injury attorneys, we have helped countless of these victims obtain justice.

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