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Pedestrian Accident Risks Remain High In Washington

The elderly often struggle behind the wheel because of physical limitations that make it difficult for them to respond to certain situations promptly. But the wheel is not the only place where the elderly are also vulnerable. As a pedestrian, an elderly individual may also become more and more likely to be the victim.

Recently, an accident involving a Yakima police car and an older pedestrian made the news across the state.

According to the reports, the 78-year-old was crossing the street one evening after a police officer was leaving a nearby High School when the patrol car hit the man. The victim suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm, but no serious injuries were reported.

While the police confirmed that the officer hadn’t been negligent in the accident and luckily the man did not suffer major injuries, it’s clear that Washington state continues to be slightly dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists alike.

When we learned about this accident, we realized that, unfortunately, there are few campaigns raising awareness to the pedestrian problem.

Drivers of all backgrounds must always keep in mind that pedestrians are vulnerable and will end up being seriously if not deadly injured if involved in a crash with a car because pedestrians do not have a protective shelf around them. Drivers who are serious about their safety should always be aware that pedestrians are in a disadvantage. But when it comes to older pedestrians, they are at an even worse place as their physical restrictions may put them at a greater disadvantage.

We hope the victim in this accident is being able to recover fully and quickly, but we remain concerned that other pedestrians are being victimized because of their physical disabilities or restrictions.

As personal injury attorneys with years of experience helping injured victims recover both physically and financially from their accidents, we have seen countless older pedestrians being seriously injured in accidents that could have been prevented. We urge drivers to be alert and to avoid preventable accidents by never speeding, slowing down as you approach crosswalks and making sure you always stop when you see a pedestrian crossing the street.

To pedestrians who have been the victims of accidents in Seattle, please contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. Do not hesitate.

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