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Parents & Teens: Avoid Distracted Driving Crashes at All Costs

Many safety advocates use the Distracted Driving Awareness month campaign as an excuse to talk about the many steps drivers must take to avoid crashes at all times, not only during this month.

Distracted driving is a problem that has been exposing consumers to serious risks nationwide daily. But while crashes can be avoided if drivers are paying attention to the road, many accidents still occur, which may indicate that motorists are not taking the risks seriously.

One of the most important thing drivers must do to avoid distracted driving crashes is to hand your phone over to a passenger if you need to compose a text message or an email. But when the driver is alone and there’s nobody around to do all their texting for them, it’s important to keep in mind that a text can wait. Your safety always comes first.

These rules are important for teens and young, inexperienced drivers who do not realize that just a few seconds of distraction are enough to put an end to somebody’s life.

If you’re a parent or a teacher, leading by example means teaching children about the importance of focusing on the road ahead. The way parents and teachers should go about it is by never using their phones while behind the wheel, and asking their children and students whether they understand the risks associated with distracted driving.

During this month, many organizations will be partnering with law enforcement agencies, launching programs that help to alert drivers about the risks associated with distracted driving. Parents who are serious about making sure that their teenage children are safe should allow their children to take defensive driving classes so they know just how to avoid accidents by taking precautions from the start.

In order to make roads safer and make sure your child knows the importance of avoiding distracted driving, lead by example and make sure your children know what steps to take all the way.

For more safety tips on how to avoid distracted driving, follow this link.

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