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Pack Of Dogs Maul Woman, Send Her To Hospital With Fatal Wounds

In what appears to be a horrific dog bite accident, a pack of dogs mauled a woman to death.

According to local police, a 52-year-old woman was near her home in Oklahoma when seven dogs attacked her. She suffered serious injuries. Unfortunately, she later died at the hospital.

First responders had to shoot one of the dogs as it turned on them while they tried to help. A local animal shelter reported that the dogs were dachshund mixes. Six of the animals are standard dachshund and terrier mixes. One is reportedly a standard dachshund border collie mix.

The dogs were infested with ticks and fleas. But no other health issue was found. Locals said they see the dogs running freely regularly.

As police investigate, we wonder what triggered this horrific incident.

We are heartbroken at this news. Because we are aware that dog bite incidents are deeply saddening and life-changing to victims and their families. Hopefully, the victim’s loved ones are getting the support they need.

Dog Bite Incidents Are Common, Avoid Injuries

Many dog attacks involve familiar dogs. That means that victims are often acquainted with the animals that attack them. Sometimes, family dogs attack children. And sometimes, the elderly. Two of the most vulnerable demographics.

To avoid this scenario, learn to spot the signs that a dog is becoming irritated or aggressive. If possible, have your pet enrolled in behavioral classes. And never leave unsupervised animals around children.

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, socialize them early. And never, absolutely never walk your dog without using a leash.

Some dogs are perfectly docile, but when feel stressed or pressured, any dog will attack. Keeping them leashed and putting them through training will help avoid these situations. And if you see dogs wander the streets alone, call your city’s animal control authorities. Many of these animals can be aggressive, so avoid trying to handle them without professional aid.

To read more about the horrific incident involving the pack of dogs, follow this link.

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