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Own a Ford Explorer? It May Expose You to Cash Risks

Ford has announced that its 2014 and 2015 Ford Explorers have been recalled over an auto crash risk. While this recall has just been launched, consumers are urged to make sure their recalled vehicles are fixed promptly in order to avoid accidents that could result in injuries.

According to the official recall announcement, the recalled vehicles come with rear suspension toe links that may have not been welded as they should, leaving room for a potential fracture risk. If the links are fractured and the driver loses control over the vehicle’s steering while it’s in use, there could be an accident.

The over 75,300 vehicles impacted by this recall should be inspected at authorized dealers where the rear suspension toe links will be replaced entirely for free.

The company hasn’t announced any crashes tied to this recall campaign so far. But if you are involved in a crash because of the problem cited by the official recall campaign announcement, contact the company and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to report the crash. Ford should be contacting impacted vehicle owners promptly, but if you own a recalled vehicle, you may obtain more information as to how you should contact Ford to schedule a visit to a dealership here.

Too many auto recalls go unnoticed. But many other vehicles that present equipment failure are only recalled after people are injured. If you have a vehicle and you use it regularly, staying on top of recall announcements to learn whenever your unit has been impacted by a recall campaign is a great way to stay safe and make sure your loved ones are safe as well. Many recalled car owners are never alerted personally simply because many consumers fail to give their personal information to automakers. What consumers could do to stay on top of these reports is to visit the NHTSA website or download the federal agency’s app so they can receive alerts on their phones.

Whether your vehicle is recalled over a crash or injury risk, never ignore the reports, especially since equipment failure may lead to tragic incidents.

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