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One Person In Critical Condition Following West Seattle Accident

A horrific accident that happened in West Seattle sent two people to the hospital suffering from serious injuries.

According to the reports, the collision, which happened a few days before Christmas, involved two vehicles. Two people became trapped as a result. While one managed to escape, the Seattle Fire Department had to extricate the second.

After the accident, emergency crews sent three people to the hospital. One was in critical condition, while the two others were in serious and satisfactory conditions. So far, officials are not yet discussing what led to the accident.

It’s important to note that we hope authorities can identify what happened in this West Seattle accident. By learning about what caused it, drivers across the state are able to avoid the same issues that led to this particular crash. Up until now, reports show, officials say they are still investigating.

For more on this horrific accident, follow this link.

Stay Ahead, Seattle Drivers: Avoid Crashes By Being A Responsible Driver

During the season of travel, drivers must remember that accidents are more likely to happen. Whether because there are more vehicles on the roads, or because more people are driving while intoxicated or even drowsy. We must remember that the holiday season is not an excuse to expose ourselves and our loved ones to danger.

Planning ahead, making sure we do not drink and drive, and having a second driver ready to take over if you’re too tired on long trips is essential to having a safe holiday.

Avoid serious collisions by also keeping up with your car’s maintenance.

Checking your tires, if your car has open recalls, or getting your oil changed on time, will all contribute to safer travels. During wintertime, having an emergency kit ready in the vehicle is also essential. After all, you never know when you’re going to get stuck because of a snowstorm.

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