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One Child Killed, Three Injured In Tragic Auto Accident Near Cle Elum

A horrific auto accident near Cle Elum resulted in the death of a middle-school student.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the crash happened when the small SUV carrying four children rolled. The vehicle was trying to pass a second vehicle when the SUV left the road and rolled several times before it rested on its roof. The four boys, two aged 12 and two aged 13, were ejected from the car. They did not have their seat belts on at the time of the accident.

The 51-year-old driver, the dead child’s father, was behind the wheel. Officials arrested him after the collision. The three other children are all in critical condition. They are now under treatment in intensive care.

A second car was also involved in the crash but the vehicle only sustained minor damage.

The accident, which occurred just two miles east of Cle Elum on Highway 970, didn’t have to end this way, authorities told reporters. According to officials who responded to the scene, the crash was preventable.

After the horrific accident, the school’s principal sent an email to parents giving them suggestions on how to break the news to their children, and how to explain to them what happened.

Authorities are still investigating the collision.

Prevent Accident-Related Injuries: Seat Belts Save Lives

This horrific and heartbreaking accident reminds us that seat belts are not just essential because it’s the law to wear them. They are essential because they help prevent deadly injuries.

At our law firm, we have helped countless victims of similar accidents and understand the toll the crash and its consequences can take on victims’ families. Our thoughts are with the victims’ families. We also hope the boys make a full recovery soon.

If you drive regularly, remember to demand all passengers in your vehicle are wearing their seat belts properly. And if you have children, secure them correctly by checking what are the car seat guidelines in your state.

For more on this tragic accident, follow this link for the original accident report.

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