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Officers on the Lookout for Unsafe Drivers this Memorial Day

As state drivers begin to organize for their Memorial Day weekend travels, local law enforcement agencies urge them to stay alert to the potential risks associated with distracted, speeding, and drunken drivers.

During the upcoming weekend, the Washington State Patrol has announced, officers will also be looking for drivers and passengers whose seat belts are not buckled up. Extra troopers will be sent to the roads during the Memorial Day weekend as part of a nationwide campaign known as Click It or Ticket. While the campaign is part of the WSP’s efforts to make roads safer during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, drivers should stay focused and keep in mind that distracted driving, as well as failing to follow road regulations, could lead to major accident risks. Instead of allowing crashes to happen, stay alert and focus on avoiding risky behavior at all times of the year, not only during the holiday.

In most accidents in which occupants are ejected due to the impact of the collision, fatalities occur. In the state of Washington, at least 100 people die in crashes yearly because they fail to have their seat belts on.

Drivers across the state should stay focused on the road and ready to act, but they should also keep in mind that safety features are present in most vehicles to keep drivers from experiencing deadly injuries.

Instead of exposing yourself and others to dangers, put safety first by always having your seat belt on.

And while on the road this Memorial Day weekend, keep in mind that the roads will be busy with other drivers on their way to seeing family and loved ones. With a heavy flow of drivers hitting the streets, there might be an increase in the number of auto crashes, so plan ahead, leave early, and avoid taking part in activities while behind the wheel that could lead to serious and even deadly consequences.

Click here for more information on how the WSP intends to make roads safer for drivers across the state during the 2016 Memorial Day weekend.

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