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Number of Pedestrian Crashes in Vancouver, WA Raises Concerns

Washington residents are constantly being exposed to a series of risks. Oftentimes, distracted drivers put the lives of other drivers in danger, while at the same time making the lives of cyclists and many others much more complicated.

That’s why many personal injury attorneys like us do what we do. Because we often see people being hurt because of negligence.

But now, data has shown that the number of deadly accidents impacting pedestrians is beginning to concern Washington law enforcement agencies.

According to a series of reports, the Vancouver area comes in 2nd place when the number of pedestrians who are killed in traffic collisions is considered. Across Clark County, law enforcement has increased the number of patrol cars targeting the area, hoping to see a drop in the number of deadly auto versus pedestrian crashes in the region.

Between the Clark and Skamania counties, a grant is being split among local law enforcement agencies in order to up enforcement in the region. This move will help to ensure that drivers are not exposing themselves and others to risk.

When the data on the crashes is analyzed, law enforcement claims that the leading causes of traffic crashes include speed, impaired driving, and distraction. According to officers in the region, educating Washington residents on the importance of never being distracted or impaired while behind the wheel is part of this effort.

If you’re a driver, remember that the most vulnerable subjects around you are cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. Driving recklessly or without checking where you’re going before changing lanes or crossing intersections may lead to serious and potentially deadly crashes.

Speeding and driving while intoxicated or while distracted will boost the chances of crashes, making it more likely for pedestrians to suffer as a result. If you’re serious about staying safe and about keeping others safe, do not let this piece of news go by without you doing something to make the roads of Washington better.

For more on this story, you may follow this link for the full article.

Watch the video below to learn more on how you should act to avoid pedestrian accidents.

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