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Number Of Accidents Going Up & Distracted Driving Is To Blame

Preventable accidents continue to happen all too frequently. And unfortunately, that means that since 2014, the number has risen at least 14 percent, according to official estimates. To drivers across the country, that mans that distracted driving is part of the reason why.

To many physicians and nurses who take care of the victims of such accidents, distracted driving is a serious problem.

They see what happens to people who are exposed to these risks daily, and take care of people who are injured regularly so they are in the best position to urge caution to drivers everywhere.

In order to help communities bring an end to the distracted driving epidemic, local hospitals and law enforcement agencies are coming together to raise awareness about the risks associated with the practice. The program hopes to help teens who are just learning to drive so they may start right, avoiding distractions at all costs.

In many areas across the country, schools have also been hosting events sponsored by AT&T, using the company’s driving simulator so that teens are given an opportunity to learn first hand how distracted driving can lead to serious risks.

To many teens who participate in these events, the experience can be life-changing. And as such, they become even better drivers as they learn that they may be exposed to deadly accidents if they are not paying attention.

We hope that more of these campaigns and events take place nationwide and that drivers are acting accordingly by taking what they learned to the real world.

Because car accidents have been on the rise and authorities have attributed that rise to distracted driving, we gather that that’s one of the most dangerous activities a driver can be engaged in. Therefore, if drivers are not serious about their safety, they are also not going to be serious about avoiding distracted driving.

For more on what doctors and law enforcement agencies are doing to help prevent distracted driving, follow this link.

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