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Northwest WA Hit By Snow, Dozens Of Accidents Reported

The snowstorm that hit Washington’s Northwest resulted in dozens of crashes. According to the Washington State Patrol, two were fatal.

This Thursday, reporters shared images on Twitter. They explained that roads were icy, full of compact snow, slush, and just overall messy.

This reality resulted in several closed highways. Some included Highway 27 between Tekoa and Fairfield, Highway 241 from milepost 9 and milepost 25, and Highway 261 near Washtucna to Ritzville.

Washington State Patrol troopers responded to countless crashes during the day. One of the fatal accidents happened on Highway 26 when a woman from Soap Lake lost control of her vehicle due to the icy roads. She eventually drifted into oncoming traffic and hit a semi-truck. The woman unfortunately died as a result of her injuries.

The second deadly accidents happened five miles north of Reardan on State Route 231. The 62-year-old man lost control of his vehicle also due to the icy roads, crashing into a semi-truck.

Because of the winds and the new snow falling over a long period of time, crews were having a hard time clearing the road. As a result, drivers were caught up in the messy snow, and many simply could not control their vehicles.

In Spokane, roads were also difficult, and officials were warning drivers to be aware of the risks. However, many drivers fail to pay attention, and end up hurting themselves and others.

Avoid Serious Accidents When Snow Falls

If you’re in an area heavily impacted by the snow, think about the potential consequences of driving while roads are still covered in snow. If you can avoid hitting the road or at least delay your trip, you might end up avoiding an accident.

Be a safe driver by thinking of the possible consequences of traveling while roads are still covered in snow or ice. And do your best to slow down and respect your limits and the limits of the roads if you hit a snowstorm while on the go.

For more on these accidents and road conditions in Northwest Washington, click here.

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