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North Seattle Three-Car Accident Sends Five People To Hospital

Seattle locals know this better than anyone: Our city is truly one of the most incredible places to live in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided even in great cities like ours. It’s our job as drivers to do all in our power to avoid accidents so that we’re not contributing to the high number of crashes and injuries taking place in our beautiful state.

The latest accident to have been reported involved three cars. According to the reports, five people were injured as a result of the collision that took place in North Seattle.

According to the reports, the accident happened just before 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the intersection of Aurora Avenue N. and Winona Ave N.

While we’re not exactly sure how the accident came to be, one red truck was found mangled on top of the hood of another car.

After the accident, five people were rushed to the hospital. At least one of the victims was in serious condition.

We hope that all individuals who were injured are being able to heal fully and quickly. We also hope that the Washington State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies involved in investigating this accident are being able to determine what happened in no time. It will help drivers tremendously if they know what happened. After all, drivers learn from other accidents, especially if they involve so many vehicles.

Many factors nowadays may lead to similar collisions. Sometimes, drivers are distracted and may end up crashing as they fail to notice a car has slowed down or another emergency has taken place ahead. Other times, drivers might be intoxicated, and may either speed up, causing them to lose control, or crash simply because their response time isn’t the sharpest due to their state of mind.

Other times, drivers are just being careless.

Regardless of what exactly happened this time around, we hope our readers are paying attention to these reports.

As personal injury attorneys, Seattle accidents matter to us. We know the pain and suffering victims go through and have dedicated our lives to help them recover fully. That’s why we keep in touch with past clients and our readers, so that they are aware of possible risks and are always ready to avoid accidents by staying alert.

For more on this three-car accident, follow this link.

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