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Nissan Recalls Infiniti Vehicles Over Personal Injury Risks

News reports indicate that Nissan is recalling Infiniti vehicles over potential personal injury risks. Currently, the issue only impacts 2020 Q60 sedan vehicles and does not seem to pose a risk to cars fitted with similar equipment. 

According to the firm, the Q60 sedans of the 2020 year model come with seat belt webbing sensor locking mechanisms that may not lock as intended. 

If impacted vehicles crash and suffer multiple impacts, the seat belt can fail to restrain the occupant. This problem exposes Infiniti car occupants to serious personal injury risks as a result. 

In order to prevent injuries, the firm is acting now to ensure all recalled vehicles are fixed promptly. 

Avoid Personal Injury: Heed Nissan’s Recommendations

Nissan is contacting all impacted vehicle owners beginning May 8. If you own one of the recalled vehicles, contact the automaker to schedule a visit to a local dealership where the rear seat belt assembly will be checked and replaced if necessary. 

Repairs should be carried out for free. 

Equipment Failure Account For Thousands Of Accidents

All across the US, auto crashes are responsible for 3 million injuries every year and 90 deaths every day. According to official data, equipment failure is behind over 10% of all auto accidents reported in the US.

While many accidents are caused by vehicle issues that stem from improper maintenance, manufacturing defects are also a major factor in accidents related to equipment failure. 

In order to stay safe and avoid accidents, drivers must be responsible and follow traffic laws but they also must stay on top of auto recalls. Additionally, they must take precautions to avoid issues that could be prevented with regular maintenance. 

Whenever you learn that you are at risk due to an open safety recall, act promptly by heeding the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ignoring the risks will only make matters worse. 

For more on this Infiniti recall, follow this link.

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