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Nissan Issues Serious Recall Over Ignition-Related Problems

Nissan joined 2018’s growing recall list by launching a campaign impacting 165,000 vehicles nationwide and in Canada.

The company explained that the campaign involves key-ignition switch issues that could cause the feature to wear out over time. In some cases, the damage could be considerable, and the engine may shut off while the vehicle is in use. This is a serious problem. Because the vehicle’s safety features such as air bags may not work if the engine is turned off. And in case this issue causes disorientation, the car may be involved in a crash, leaving occupants with little protection.

Ignition-related issues were also behind a major GM recall a few years back. The vehicles were putting drivers in danger for a decade, with the ignition problem even causing deadly accidents.

Nissan cars listed under the most recent recall include the 2017 and 2018 Juke, Frontier, Sentra, Versa, Versa Note, NV, NV200, and Nissa Taxi models. In Canada, models that may pose risks include the 2017 and 2018 Frontier, Micra, and Versa Note models and 2017 Sentra vehicles.

While not all of the listed models may present the issue, the company is recalling all these vehicles to prevent potential problems.

At dealers, the staff should be able to inspect the cars and fix the issue for free.

Do Not Ignore Recalls Involving Accident Risks

The GM recall involving ignition issues happened just years after people reported injuries and accidents. While this Nissan recall isn’t the same, it’s just as serious.

Drivers whose vehicles may present issues that lead to accidents and injuries should never ignore these recalls as they may impact them and their loved ones.

If you learn of a recall impacting your car, act fast. Postponing bringing your car to a dealer may lead to serious consequences.

For more on this recall, follow this link.

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