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Nissan & Hyundai Recall Vehicles Over Crash And Injury Concerns

Every now and then, auto recalls are launched because of injury or crash concerns. And because we believe that our clients and readers should be alert to these stories, we decided to report on the latest recall campaigns.

According to Nissan, its 2002 Pathfinders and Infiniti QX4s come with airbag inflators produced by Takata. Since these devices may implode with too much force, the inflators may explode and impact the front seat occupant or other car occupants. Since people have been injured and even killed in similar incidents, this issue should not be ignored by Nissan drivers.

This is just one more recall associated with the Takata issue.

The company has announced that owners will be contacted about this recall and that dealers will have the front passenger airbag assemblies replaced entirely for free.

Hyundai has also recalled all units of the 2017 Santa Fe vehicles. According to the company, the vehicles may have been fitted with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that may not have been set in the correct mode during the vehicle’s assembly. If that’s the case, underinfalted tires won’t trigger the TPMS system. If the warning isn’t in place when the tires are not inflated properly, a crash may occur.

Hyundai has announced that dealers will have all TPMS sensors replaced entirely for free and that consumers should be contacted after March 31. If you have questions or concerns, however, you’re advised to reach out to Nissan or Hyundai for more information.

All too often, crashes occur even after recalls are launched. Drivers should not ignore this risk, especially because they may be held liable in certain accidents in case there’s an injury.

A crash may occur over a series of reasons. Unfortunately, negligent companies and third parties aren’t always held accountable in some cases. Do not let big companies be off the hook when a car you’re driving is defective or potentially dangerous. Act promptly to avoid a crash.

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