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NHTSA to Add Automatic Braking to Safety Rating System

According to several news reports, the government is gearing up to add automatic braking to its five-star safety rating system. To safety advocates and attorneys who are familiar with the consequences of serious accidents, this is an important step toward making cars safer for everyone.

The reports show that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is adding automatic braking to its rating system with the 2018 model cars. Until then, however, automatic braking will still be missing from the government’s own car safety tests.

The announcement came early in September. According to the NHTSA, 10 automakers were reached. The agency and the manufacturers reached an agreement to include automatic braking as one of the technologies that should be present in newer cars as standard features. No timeline had been offered then.

Automatic braking systems work by using sensors that are able to identify imminent collision threats. The system will trigger the brakes if the driver is not able to stop the car in time. That may save lives by making sure the vehicle stops even if the driver is not able to press the brake pedals.

Several accident investigators say that automatic braking could prevent about 80 percent of all rear-end collisions in the United States. Each year, 1,700 people die and half-million people are injured in rear-end collisions.

This move by the NHTSA shows that the government is serious about making sure that consumers are safe at all times while behind the wheel. But that alone is not enough.

As consumers are more serious about heir own safety, automakers begin to look at their options. Instead of looking the other way, consumers are now looking into purchasing safer, better vehicles. This should serve as a reminder to automakers that developing new safety technologies could make their cars more desirable to consumers, and more likely to obtain 5-star ratings from the federal agency overlooking car safety.

If you or a loved one has ever been involved in an auto accident, you understand how devastating the consequences can be. Avoid any potential accidents by focusing on the road ahead and acting fast. But if you want extra protection, looking into purchasing a vehicle that is fitted with automatic braking systems could help you to stay safe.

For more information on the technology, watch the video below. For more information on how and when the NHTSA will add automatic braking to its rating system, follow this link.

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