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This New Year’s Eve, Expect More Police Presence In Seattle

As we approach New Year’s Eve, law enforcement agencies across the state begin to work on ramping up enforcement in certain areas. The goal is to make sure that all Washingtonians are safe during one of the busiest holidays for drivers everywhere.

In Seattle, extra officers will be flooding the streets in order to keep an eye out for any trouble. While officials are not releasing any major details regarding their plans for the holiday, the Seattle police are making sure their security plans are fool proof so the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations will go on undisturbed.

As personal injury attorneys, we know that this time of the year is busy for drivers and motorcycle riders across the state. Many of us hit the road to spend the holiday with friends or family while others simply drive to go out and celebrate. Therefore we know that the most important piece of advice anyone should be following is to simply not drink and drive.

May seem like a no brainer, but unfortunately, many drivers will completely ignore this advice, and instead, sit behind the wheel while intoxicated, believing they will be able to make it home in one piece.

The reality is much more bleak as intoxicated drivers have a harder time reacting to emergencies ahead. Like distracted drivers, drunk drivers are not able to act promptly if something comes up and a collision may occur. Because we have helped countless victims of accidents that could have been prevented if only the other driver involved hadn’t been intoxicated, we are using this space to urge you and everyone you know to either have a designated driver ready to take you home after the festivities or to make sure you have other means of transportation.

Instead of driving, have Uber, Lyft, or another ride-sharing app ready to go. You may also get a taxi cab, use public transportation, or ride with friends who won’t be drinking. If there is no other way and you absolutely have to drive home yourself after going out to celebrate New Year, then do not drink or use drugs.

With more patrol cars in the streets, expect more scrutiny if you drink and drive. Remember that the activity is illegal and deadly. And if you are injured in an accident over the New Year’s Eve weekend caused by a distracted, drunk, or intoxicated driver, do not hesitate to contact us to have your case evaluated.

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