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Nearly One Million Vehicles Impacted By Mercedes-Benz Brake-Related Recall

Mercedes-Benz is recalling almost one million cars after learning they may have been fitted with faulty brakes, news outlets reported. The major recall impacts vehicles produced by the German car manufacturer between 2004 and 2015. These vehicles also belong to the company’s ML and GL series of SUVs and R-Class luxury minivans.

Impaired Braking Capabilities Increase Risk of Accidents

Mercedes-Benz launched the recall after identifying an issue with the vehicles’ brake boosters. If impacted vehicles aren’t repaired, sudden braking may cause mechanical damage, which could then increase the risk of accidents and injuries.  

The recall impacts at least 993,407 vehicles, putting the lives of countless drivers and passengers in danger.  

The firm is contacting affected vehicle owners immediately after learning certain models were impacted. At dealers, car owners will have their vehicle inspected and, if necessary, defective parts will be replaced. All repairs will be carried out for free. 

If you own one of the recalled vehicles, the firm explained in its recall report, you should not drive it until the vehicle is inspected.

Despite Mercedes-Benz Recall, No Accidents Were Reported

While braking issues can be serious and can put car owners in danger, the firm is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with the recall. Thankfully, the company is working fast by making sure impacted car owners understand they must respond to the recall promptly in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

This isn’t the only time the manufacturer has recalled a great number of cars. 

In February 2021, Mercedes-Benz recalled over one million cars over eCall features that were defective, preventing the system from alerting emergency systems in the event of an accident. The company addressed that issue by updating the software in all impacted cars. Unfortunately, the current issue requires car owners to have their vehicles repaired at dealerships. 

If you own one of the potentially defective Mercedes-Benz vehicles, contact the manufacturer at 1 (800) 367-6372 for additional information. 

You may also click here for the report.

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