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Navigating Mountain Passes This Holiday? Beware Of Tow Truck Driver Shortages

In Washington state, drivers hoping to navigate mountain passes this holiday season should be aware of the shortage of tow truck drivers and what that means to their safety. According to local news outlets, wintry conditions will put many on I-90 heading to the mountain passes at risk this Christmas, but if you find yourself stranded, especially during the night, there might not be an available tow truck driver to rescue you.

Shortage Prevents Towing Companies From Helping Stranded Washington Drivers

With days of non-stop rescue calls, towing companies are complaining that drivers are overwhelmed. 

With the growing numbers of spinouts and accidents being reported regularly and due to the driver shortage the industry is currently facing due to the pandemic and the vaccine mandates, those who are responding to these calls are experiencing driver fatigue. With fewer drivers available, towing companies are not able to rescue every stranded vehicle out there. 

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In addition, the state is also dealing with a significant shortage of troopers and Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) personnel. Without enough tow truck drivers available, that could spell out trouble to countless drivers braving the winter to spend holiday with family and friends. 

Prevent Accidents And Don’t Be Stranded This Holiday Season

If drivers are not doing their part to avoid accidents, they will continue to overwhelm tow truck drivers. 

Before hitting the road, become acquainted with the weather conditions and how they are affecting the roads that day. Stock your car with all the essentials, including food, water, extra gas, a shovel, blankets, flashlights, and extra warm clothing. 

Before leaving the house, make sure you have tire chains handy and that you know how to properly install them. 

According to some of the tow truck drivers news outlets have consulted, many drivers end up stranded because the chains become tangled around the axle. 

Most importantly, two truck drivers warn Washington drivers to never travel at night. If you do become stranded, you might be less likely to get help from a towing company after hours. 

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