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Driver In Multi-Car Crash Had Previous DUIs, WSP Reports

It’s tragic to learn that DUI accidents have been happening so often in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

With the news reports dissecting these DUI accidents, however, we hope that other drivers are learning about the risks. After all, once drivers learn about the risks by hearing of other accidents, they will think twice before drinking and driving.

The latest accident to have led to fatalities and to have caused injuries was associated with a driver who had been involved in multiple DUIs in the past.

According to officials, the accident that happened on Monday happened when the 38-year-old driver drove the vehicle the wrong way on Highway 516. The driver ended crashing his vehicle into three other cars, causing six people to be injured. He ended up striking a 2005 Nissan Altima and a 1999 Lexus RX. One of the vehicles was carrying a child. A Chevy Cobalt hit the guardrail while trying to avoid a collision.

The driver, police later reported, had been to blame in several DUIs. Neither he nor his brother survived.

The Washington State Patrol said that so far, they are unsure whether the driver was under the influence or not. Still, he had been charged with DUIs in the past.

We are terribly saddened that this Kent accident resulted in fatalities. We are praying that those injured are being able to recover in full and in a short timeframe. Still, we are also worried that this trend will continue to claim lives until drivers are more responsible.

It is our hope that more of you are putting your attention and focus on the importance of taking responsibility for your actions. As drivers, you are responsible for yourself and your loved ones while behind the wheel. Ignoring this reality will put you in danger.

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