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Motorcycle Rider Dies After Collision With Logging Truck

A motorcyclist suffered deadly injuries after a motorcycle accident on Mountain Highway in La Grande.

According to Washington State Patrol officials, the rider was heading south on state Route 7 when, for unknown reasons, he lost control over his motorcycle. Because of this, the rider slid into the path of a logging truck heading north. That’s when both vehicles crashed.

While the truck wasn’t carrying any timber, the driver could not slow down, stop the vehicle, or steer clear.

Officials say they declared the rider dead at the scene. They did not report any further injuries.

Avoid Motorcycle Accidents By Slowing Down

This accident was tragic and heartbreaking. All riders understand that when something like this happens, they are reminded of the dangers they deal with daily. To avoid accidents, riders must not allow distraction, drowsiness, or other similar factors to expose them to risks.

Most importantly, they must not speed. Ever.

Speeding causes riders to lose control. But other factors may also lead to similar crashes such as frozen or snowy pavement. Both cases are dangerous, but riders can avoid risks by learning about the weather in advance and avoiding speeding at all times.

If you are a motorcycle rider, you should listen to experts and law enforcement. Avoiding accidents means following the rules and being alert. Most importantly, it means being responsible.

We hope that officials are investigating this accident promptly so we will know more about how it happened. This could help more riders learn what actions or factors they should avoid in the future. It is important for both riders and drivers to learn from other people’s mistakes. Only then will we have fewer accidents involving motorcycles.

For more on this crash and how officials are looking into it, follow this link. For more on other crashes and how to avoid them, continue to read our blog.

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