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Motorcycle Accident Involving Van Claims Rider’s Life

A motorcycle rider lost his life this week after being involved in an accident with a van. The crash took place on State Route 7, local news outlets reported. 

According to the reports, the 65-year-old van driver was traveling southbound on SR 7 when he made a left turn into a parking lot. As the driver maneuvered left, however, a 27-year-old motorcycle rider from Yakima traveling north on SR 7 approached, crashing into the van. 

The collision caused the motorcyclist to suffer fatal injuries. 

Officials are still investigating the crash to determine what caused it but claim that drugs or alcohol were not a factor. The motorcycle accident prompted officials to block SR 7 for three hours in order to clear the road from debris. 

Avoid Motorcycle Accidents By Keeping An Eye On The Road

Poor visibility can lead to serious accidents if not addressed promptly. That’s why passenger car drivers are urged to check all lanes before attempting to change lanes or make turns. Because of their smaller size, motorcycles are often not seen, especially if they are in the driver’s blind spot. 

If your vehicle doesn’t have lane change assistance technology, you must be especially careful when changing lanes. Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection that passenger cars offer their occupants. When a larger vehicle and a motorcycle collide, riders are much more likely to suffer severe injuries. 

As the Washington State Patrol investigates to discover what prompted the van driver to turn as the motorcycle rider approached, we hope that drivers learn from this accident. 

Keep an eye out for vulnerable individuals sharing the road, whether they are bicycle or motorcycle riders. And when your vehicle experiences an equipment issue that impacts your visibility, make sure to have the problem addressed as soon as possible. 

For more on this accident, follow this link to read the full report. 

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